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Crown Heights

Simone Roberts-Payne
Communications Intern

The second stop on my Neighborhood Strength tour of Crown Heights this summer was to Repair the World NYC, located at 808 Nostrand Ave, where I met with Alli Lesovoy, the nonprofit’s Program Manager.

Simone Roberts-Payne
Communications Intern

As the Foundation’s Communications Intern for the summer, I was given the opportunity to dive into Neighborhood Strength. Earlier this Spring, the Crown Heights Council voted to renew three Neighborhood Strength projects. This summer, I’m stopping by each organization to document their space and learn about their process for engaging the community.


In the third year of Neighborhood Strength  our resident-led grantmaking model  the Crown Heights Advisory Council has recommended that we renew support for three community-based organizations addressing the challenge of limited public space for community engagement in the neighborhood.

Sandra Friedman
Neighborhood Strength Fellow, Crown Heights

Our first-ever Neighborhood Strength Fellow, Sandra Friedman, shares what she loves about her neighborhood of Crown Heights and what she's learning along the way

Piper Anderson
Founder, Create Forward

Piper Anderson, the founder Create Forward, shares how a “design thinking” approach to community engagement will enhance the next phase of our Neighborhood Strength initiative.